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Welcome to Lamps Lit!  The parable of the ten virgins, five with their lamps lit and five whose oil ran dry, inspired this site's name.  It reminds us that the Lord constantly desires to encounter us.  He is the bridegroom ready to meet us at the "altar of daily circumstances". Messiness or blessedness, there is no place he cannot go, if the heart is ready and willing to open to him.  

One woman, among many, who teaches us how to do this is Mary Magdalene.  Having lived in Ancient Magdala, in the Holy Land, I had the blessing of researching, reading, praying, and writing a lot about Mary Magdalene.    

I hope that this site will offer inspiration to keep the fire burning, as Mary Magdalene sought to do.  It also offers resources, reflections, and info on my events related to Mary Magdalene.  Feel free to contact me if you have particular questions or are interested in conferences or retreats for your area.

How do you keep your lamp lit, your heart eager to encounter the Lord? 

God bless, 

Jennifer Ristine

Images of Mary Magdalene by Danielle Storey



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Insights from Ancient Magdala

Mary Magdalene was real. Her life challenges, struggles, and joys were real. Her life was truly transformed by Jesus. Therefore, it must be possible to “unearth” pieces of what was real by digging through the layers of two thousand years of reflection about her. In the process of discovery, may we “unveil the mystery” that Mary Magdalene embodies, and glean treasures for our own life that can inspire purpose and meaning.

This book is the culmination of her service at the recently excavated site of Magdala in the Holy Land since 2014. She shares her research, dialogue, and answers to questions from countless visitors to Magdala. Through archaeological discoveries, historical texts, scriptural sources, and a survey of traditions, she offers a mosaic-like representation of the figure and importance of Mary Magdalene.



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