A Work of Historical Fiction on Mary Magdalene (in progress and unpublished)

Beautiful and scarred; rich and of wont; tall of stature, falling short of health; The Magdalene, they called her, with the Hebrew word "gadol" nestled within, signifying strength and boldness of character.  Free to wander where she pleased and enslaved in a prison of her own making. The least likely and the chosen.  If only for that we admire her.  We are inspired to hope amidst our own paradoxical state, holding frailty in earthen vessels and pouring out heavenly fragrance.  We are called to greatness, lived in a humble and magnanimous spirit, like Mary.

Journey with Mary as she discovers God’s providential hand guiding her toward authentic freedom and love.  It is a path to which we are all called.  And it invites a continual response.  Jennifer Ristine illustrates the journey of the soul with creative historical fiction, contemporary personal stories, and commentaries.  Read it for fun, for inspiration, for spiritual reading, or make use of it as an ongoing personal retreat. Wherever you are on your journey of faith, you will find a companion here.